Brampton has been my home for what seems like an eternity.  Growing up dreaming of being a hockey player, not knowing what music really was.  But one day realizing how much a written song means to me now, as a pair of skates meant to me as a kid.

  2022 brings a year of new music for me after the whole world was turned upside down.  Most artists, of all styles.  Locked away with nothing to do during that time but utilize their passion for their craft.  

My latest effort titled 'Invincible' are songs created during a pandemic riddled couple of years.  It affected every single person on the planet in some shape or form.

This EP is dedicated to my mother Dianne who adored music.  I can still see her swinging her hips to Elvis in the living room.  She was a strong and stubborn woman, who believed she was.  Yup, you guessed it.  Invincible.  RIP DK.  This one's for you.